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investigators in a few moments. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. speaking with the ntsb chairman coming up within the next 10 or 15 minutes. with regards to the auto throttle, that is something ntsb investigators headquarter at south san francisco hotel are taking into consideration as they try to figure out what caused asiana flight 214 to crash late saturday morning. part of the focus on whether or not that auto throttle mechanism was working properly on final approach to sfo. the two pilots at the control of the boeing 777 told investigators they thought the auto throttle was armed and maintaining steady 137 knots minimum speed necessary for landing. why didn't they notice this was not the case, they were dangerously slow and low? because they might have been distracted by another pressing issue. in that final approach, the pilots realized that they were offcenter from the runway, trying to correct the problem. it wasn't until they were 200 feet out from touchdown that they realized they were going too slow and altitude was too low. they did throttle up in an attempt
in burlingame, j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> catherine: the ntsb investigation is focusing in part on the two teenaged girls who were killed. the 16-year-olds were good friends.and came from an affluent coastal province in eastern china. their parents flew into sfo last night.and they had a briefing from the coroner. >> catherine: one of the many disturbing questions being investigated. did one of the two girls actually survive -- only to be run over by an emergency vehicle? we were told today that it could be a week or more before we know the answer. but let's take a closer look at this video shot by a witness. taken in the first minutes after the crash. again -- it could be days before we know if in fact - one of the victims was killed in the chaos -- run over by an emergency vehicle. and all now to scotts valley where >> pam: more survivors of flight 214 are talking about their narrow escape. eliott stone, his mother, father, brother and two of his students met with reporters outside his martial arts studio >> this to the growing up i do not remember that so much. banking bill reported of
. we have greg on the phone. the ntsb has deployed a team rather to san francisco, obviously, considering the circumstances. that's protocol. greg, first of all, what if anything are you hearing about this particular crash? greg okay. we don't have greg fife there. why don't we reset here for just a few moments. there's an asiana airlines plane that you're looking at to the right of the screen that is sitting off runway 28 at the san francisco international airport. we're told that passengers managed to jump down the emergency inflatable slides to safety. not he immediately known at this point whether there are any injuries, nor do we know at this point how many folks are injured. john cox, captain cox is still there. former u.s. airways pilot. are you there? >> yes, i am. >> the scene that we're looking at right now, lots of emergency personnel, obviously on the runway. fire trucks there on the scene. we saw folks, we saw those firefighters just a short time ago using that white retardant to continue to douse the flames. it appears as if right now, the smoke that had been bi
of terrorism involved the fbi will be work closely with the ntsb. >> witnesses say that the tail of the asiana jetliner hit the seawall at the start of the runway and snapped off. >> this is the runway, it came in like this. and i was just watching the wheeling and it just hit like this and whole thing collapsed immediately. >> good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. the chair of the national transportation safety board is expected to arrive foyt to head up the investigation on the deadly crash at sfo. the asiana passenger jet came had in to land at sfo, it was 11:2 this morning. witnesses say the plane hit tail-first just yards short of runway 28l. the plane eventually came to a rest on the grass and dirt on the side of the runway and caught fire. passengers could be seen jumping down the emergency slides. >> most of the 307 people on board made it off okay. there were 291 passengers, and 16 crew members. two people are confirmed dead. they were both chinese passport holders according to south korean officials. a total of 182 people were taken to air hospitals and 49 of t
were 16-year-old girls. the n.t.s.b. will be the lead agency and they are expected to land here in about an hour. they are gasheded their discussion and cause saying they just don't know right now. they did rule out terrorism or a crime and that is all they would say. they will be holding a joint news conference in the morning. scene is secured and sfo is only using two of the four runways. limited capacity the airport has looked like this pretty much all day. lines of people trying to deal with cancelled flights, delayed flights. either waited for later flight or just rescheduled for the morning or all of that has taken time. airport has decided all of the restaurants and bars open all night long to help accommodate all these people. amy hollyfield, this th. >> cheryl: some of the survivors are telling some harrowing stories. >> dan: the crash was difficulty for some families. they were escorted around by police. those two people taking away by workers. >> katie marzullo joins frustration the international terminal with more. >> reporter: we have new video of one of the survivo
firefighters arrived. a team from the ntsb is expected to be on the scene by this afternoon. >> all right. and now to that otherly deadly plane crash we've been following so closely. >> overnight we learned the pilot of that plane that crashed in san francisco was training for that specific type of aircraft. the ntsb released this video overnight showing investigators looking through the wreckage. the landing gear, pieces of the wing and the debris covered runway. >> and it's our first look inside the plane after the crash. mangled headrests, aisles of seats collapsed, oxygen masks hanging from the ceiling. abc's brandi hitt is live in san francisco with the very latest. good morning, brandi. >> reporter: good morning, john. good morning, tai. that's right. we've learned one of the pilots was training to fly this aircraft when it crash landed killing two people, and those black boxes recovered from the wreckage, they are revealing more details about those terrifying final moments. just seven seconds before impact, one of the crew members on asiana flight 214 called out the plane needed to
the ntsb after interviewing those pilots that not only was the pilot in training trying to land a 777 here in san francisco for the first time, the pilot who was training him was serving as an instructor for the first time. we've also learned tonight something else. when that plane crash landed and the tail came off the back, two flight attendants were sucked out of the plane, ejected onto the runway. they survived it. all of this tonight as we get a clearer view from the cockpit of what it's like to land one of those massive jets over the san francisco bay. tonight as the pilot in training is questioned by the ntsb a rare view from inside the cockpit of what it's like to land over the bay at san francisco's airport. seen in a video posted on youtube by a klm airlines pilot, you can see through the cockpit window the ascent over the bay, the angle for a safe landing on a clear blue day much like the one we saw over the weekend when pilots are cleared for a visual approach. so many questions about asiana airlines flight 214. inside the cockpit the pilot in training sitting in the left seat,
in the crash of flight 214. reporter vic lee has an update from south san francisco where the ntsb revealed this new information. >> n.t.s.b. investigators are trying to understand why the all mated cockpit system that controls speed and altitude was set in multiple modes before landing. those automated systems are extremely sophisticated especially in triple 7's but in the end, pilots are still responsible for the plane's performance. >> there are two pilots in the cockpit for a reason. they are there to fly, to navigate and to communicate and if they are icing automation, a big key is to monitor. >> investigators interviewed six of the 12 cabin attendants. the lead attendant gave this account of the conversation with the pilot immediately after the plane crashed landed. >> the flight crew told the flight attendant not to initiate an evacuation. they were communicating with the tower about the emergency. >> there was a senior cabinet day ten can't and ordered the evacuation. >> a minute and a half after the aircraft came to a stop, door 2-l closely followed by 1-l were opened and the slide
coming in, that this could have been a lot worse. now, first team of investigators from the ntsb due to arrive here around midnight and will spend next few days out of runway 28 l that begins right at the waters edge that. is where this plane was attempting to land right around 11:30 this afternoon, when it crashed, once, possibly twice with a thud, lost the tail and skidded down the runway most of the fuselage was ripped or burned away. amazingly everyone escaped we're told two soul who's perished were found outside of the plane. now, the passengers included 141 chinese, 77 south koreans and 61 u.s. citizens. the nationality and gender of the two who died and those now critically injured are unknown. but we know 182 people are being treated in nine bay area hospitals a dozen injuries said to be very critical. the number does include several children. now, federal agents have secured the crash site. they have ruled out terrorism as a cause of the plane crash. but we are getting conflicting accounts we know that the pilot did not radio in a distress or and witness reports h
. ♪ >> reporter: regarding that flash of light that one of the pilots. the ntsb said it was no mention of that flight on the cockpit voice recorder. the two of the other flights also did not make any mention and also it did not impact how it saw the instrument panel. that flash of light panel is now, on the side. one final note is that this investigation, for the most part. will be switched to washington d.c.. in the next will-18 months, the ntsb will s think that the probable cause avoid this in the future. reporting live, dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> pam: they also said the aircraft data recorder showing that the final moments, they attempted to make a series of changes on the auto throttle. that controls the speed of the aircraft. and the possible flaw of that possible piece of equipment. >> the instrument control, this controls the aircraft, the navigation is pleased to of the pilots were there are, then the primary display it with altitude and air speed. and here is the autopilo the auto throttle. thank cruise control. think -- cruise control on your own car and now, the joysticks
away from the wreckage. and the ntsb sending a team to investigate what went wrong and a witness describing what they saw in the ground. >> i saw the tail come in low. and when it hit sparks flew. and then he must have lost control. this wing hit and spun it around and there was a big explosion. something you never imagine to so yourself. you are looking live in the airport. this is what we are waiting for, a news conference in the san francisco international. we are getting word from a local report that two-run ways are reopened in the airport. we'll bring you this new's conference as soon as it happen. the airport is located on the water just south of san francisco. claudia cowan is there and joining us by phone with the latest information. claudia, are you there? >> yes, i am heather. i had to step away from the room where the press conference is beginning. it will include ed lee, mayor of san francisco and the fire chief and police chief and a number of airport officials. in this press conference we are hoping to get better information about the number of injured and whether
, it's been quite a day to say the least. the ntsb will arrive approximately at midnight and begin processing the scene tomorrow. we know that the 123 people who were brought here to the terminal, who were uninjured have now been allowed to go home or at least figure out their plans as far as going on to other destinations, etcetera, etcetera. here we are in the international terminal, i looked at the board behind me. it appears that things are operating smoothly now. most of the flights departing this evening have online or on time departures, as far as the injured go, john, we know that nine bay area hospitals have accepted patients of the patients who were brought there, 49 considered to be in serious condition. and i want to shed light more on who was on board the plane. we know there was 141 -- and 61 u.s. citizens and a whole host of nationalities on the plane. tomorrow, the work begins as far as combing through the wreckage and trying to piece together what caused the plane to crash or make the hard landing. we heard from the officials about the first response and great job
. ntsb chairman told cnn they would be reviewing data and interviewing the pilots in the days to come. the death toll stands at two. 182 injured. we'll continue to follow the story. and half a world away, the growing turmoil in egypt. a country long considered a key middle -- key to middle east stability. and now a country divided in the wake of military ouster of its islamic government. we're seeing more demonstrations and perhaps clashes between supporter of morsi and thouthos support a more secretaular agai. >>> to our top story, eyewitnesses say the plane was coming in dangerously low and clipped the seawall skidding to a stop and catching on fire. >> we were about to land and the plane as you know goes up a little bit. and then we start hitting hard. and then we felt like we were going up again. so that's why i said i felt like we were about to pull one of those almost mislanding and go back up. and it didn't happen. just crashed back. so as i say, if we flipped, up in none of us would be here to talk about it. >> an official investigation will take months if not years.nk about i
night. >> in fact the ntsb chairwoman flew into the bay ear last night. she tells us they have recovered both of the so-called black box that is include flight information data and pilots' voices and both are being flown to d.c., as you mentioned, for analysis. >> and asiana airlines is confirm the two passengers killed in the crash are 16-year-old girls from china and we've learned they were part of a 35-member group of middle school students and teachers taking part in a summer camp in los angeles. the night originated in shanghai with a stop in seoul, south korea. >> at least 49 were in bay area hospitals in critical condition. as of late last night. the hospitals have not updated the condition of their patients this morning but as soon as they do we will bring that to you. >> two of the runways at sfo remain closed at this hour. arriving flights are being delayed nearly 4 1/2 hours on average. passengers are being warned to expect long delays and some flight cancellations again today. so much of the attention this morning is on that federal ntsb team of investigators are who are just
when a plane crashed on the runway. the flight recorders had been recovers. the ntsb tweeted out these photos of the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder. investigators hope that will give some critical clues. here's what we know about the victims. two 16-year-old girls were killed in that crash. they are chinese nationals. asiana airlines identifies them as ye mengyuan and wang linjia. a doctor at san francisco general hospital told us last hour six people there remain in critical condition including a child. officials say they're seeing severe injuries like head trauma and paralysis. the faa said this afternoon some flights destined for san francisco could be delayed up to nine hours today. dan simon joins us live from the airport. what is the latest there. dan. >> reporter: hi, fredericka. it's been a little more than 24 hours since this crash happened and the investigation appears to be well under way. investigators have been out to that scene trying to figure out any type of clue to determine what may have heaped here. we know, as you reported, the flight data rec
? >> reporter: well, craig, the ntsb investigators were still pouring over that fuselage that burned out, broken fuselage, still sitting on the field off runway 28 left at san francisco international airport. and when you look at how much damage there is to that plane, the fuselage entirely gutted by fire, the tail section broken off, it is amazing to realize that a lot of people just simply walked away. until it landed at san francisco international airport, asiana flight 214 had a routine 10 1/2 hour flight from seoul, south korea. at 11:27 a.m. pacific time, the boeing 777 carrying 291 passengers and 16 crew was on its final approach to runway 28 left. some passengers said they felt it was coming in too low. witnesses said the plane's tail struck the seawall beyond the end of the runway before the rest of the fuselage slammed down on the pavement. passengers described the wild ride. >> we hit pretty hard. at that point, i think we're going to fly again. but it will be just like -- starting to take off thing and then we crash back hard. >> it was a loud noise and the whole plane shook. >> the
a whole lot more than the pilots are. >> jim tilmon, we'll go to the ntsb press conference. stand by, please. >> -- injured in the crash. i want to personally thank the 225 first responders who did an amazing job. the incident could have been much worse without their outstanding work, particularly thank the airport commission staff, police department staff, fire department staff and all of the first responders who responded on a much yule aid basis. i want to report that as of 30 minutes ago, runway 28 right is back in service. so three of the four runways are back in service. we're handling about 22 to 23 landings per hour, equivalent to our normal weather condition with low clouds, so we'll be experiencing delays but it's a more normal level of delays to experience. i want to particularly thank mayor lee for his leadership. he was here all day yesterday and again today supporting our efforts and i'd now like to turn it over to mayor lee before the ntsb reports on their efforts. mayor lee? >> thank you, john. thank you, everyone, for being here this afternoon for this update and rep
, the ntsb continues to interview the pilots of asiana flight 214 we are learning more about what was happening in the final moments before the crash. our reporter is at the holiday inn in south san francisco. amy? >> the ntsb chairman is going to do interviews this morning and we will talk to her very soon. we want to ask about the automatic controls in the cockpit. here is new video the ntsb has released from the crash site of their investigation. they have finished their interviews with the pilots. they say that the pilots thought the automatic controls were maintaining the right airspeed. investigators have said the plane was coming in too slow. we have learned more about the evacuation. the pilot told authorities there was an emergency chute that wasn't working. >> he described a chute that deployed inside and trapped one of the flight attendants and his effort to free the flight attendant from that chute where they were trapped. >> another new detail released involves the flight attendants. investigators say two glide -- two attendants were ejected. they were hurt but they s
. >> this is the bay area's news station. kron4news starts now. >> oh, my god. >>> the ntsb is looking into the asiana flight 214. >> just before impact they are going for a go around. >> a lot of people had injuries and couldn't move out of their seats. >>> i am pam moore. here is a picture of the two 16- year-old girls. both girls were said to be close friends. one of the victims was found on the tarmac and was likely ejected from the rear of the plane. the other was off to the side and suggests she may have been run over. the families of the girls are expected to arrive soon. >> reporter: pam, we are expected the families of the two deceased girls from china. 26 students were from china. two of them died and others are at the hospital. we are at the domestic security departure. they were coming through customs in los angeles. from what we learned they chartered a plane by southwest and are expected to come through the gate here. there is a media frenzy waiting for this family to come off the plane. it doesn't look like they will come this way. time remains. we were told 1
a little coming up. >>> claudine wong will talk live to the head of the ntsb. >>> a mother and daughter are hurt in the east bay, we are i talked with the head of the ntsb. . >>> an important new development in the with the head of the ntsb, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning, thank you for joining us, it is thursday, july 11th, i am pam cook. >> friday evening, let's get a quick look at weather and traffic instead? >>> that cooler air and fog came in and, that is out of the west, 60s to mainly 80s inland, here is sal. >>> good morning, traffic is moving well on highway 4
inflated in the aircraft. she is hoping the ntsb will make suggestions. live at sfo, kron4news. >>> police expanding the search for missing toddler daphne viola webb. the girl's father remains in jail while concerned neighbors say they haven't seen daphne for weeks. >> it has been 4 to 6 weeks. >> the search for the girl continues. here is what we know. police were handing out flyers at the market where the child was seen. two search locations, one at the martin luther king junior regional shoreline park and the toddler's home. the little girl's disappearance has left a lot of unanswered questions. >> there are two parallel investigations, a kidnapping case and the child abuse -- correction the child endangerment. that is a separate investigation that they will follow up with. >>> police sent a boat with sonar to search. they had issues with the tide and will continue tomorrow. the toddler's father will face a judge friday. j.r. stone reports from the alameda county jail. >> reporter: john webb is in a jail cell. he was rested several hours before he was booked. i requested an interview o
international. as the the ntsb continues its investigation. and we are learning startling new information from inside that cockpit and inside the cabin. investigators have released new details of harrowing survival. >> two of the flight attendants in the rear of the aircraft were ejected from the air craft on, during the impact sequence. miraculously they survived. despite being thrown on to the runway when the asiana flight slammed into the seawall and lost its tail. after the plane came to a stop, then this. >> the first officer in the jump seat he did describe a chute deployed inside and trapped one of the flight attendants. >> reporter: that did not stop more than 300 people from escaping a wreck. the plane soon engulfed in smoke and fire. passengers turned into heroes. >> found the four people. we stayed with them. hung out with them. comforted them. just yelled, yelling for ambulances fire trucks anyone to come help. >> reporter: we are learning the pilot in training in control of the triple seven jet as ate proechd the run way was learning from another first timer. >> heap reported this
this scene for the ntsb to step in and conduct their investigation. as i pan back with the camera, that's the fuselage of the triple-7. and as we pan over this way to the right, a light right out there in the distance. in the center of your screen, that's the tail of the aircraft! investigators have been looking at that all day long. and that would be the first point of the investigation as well. as we continue to pan to the right here, on runway 28 left, you can see some flashing lights, there's a boat in the water right there. they're searching for parts maybe? or just helping to secure the scene. they'll have a lot of ground to cover as they piece together what caused this aircraft to crash the way it did. they're going to have a lot of work to do. and we'll assume they will start that work right away at night. that's why they got the lights out here. obviously they want to get this runway open to alleviate some of the traffic coming out of sfo. and there are planes taking off and landing right now. of course they're only running two runways right now. but you can see the fuselage li
's crash, there were miracles and there were tragedies. as the ntsb combs over the crash site, new information is emerging about how one of the 16-year-old chinese students may have been killed in the crash of ar ace asiana flight 214. deborah hersman has the information. >> they're going to document the seating positions of those who were injured. >> reporter: at this point we are not certain where the two girls who died in the crash were sitting. nbc bay area has learned that the san mateo county corner's office got a call from the san francisco fire department. apparently members of the first response team were concerned that they may have played a role in the death of the girl whose body was found near the fuselage. published reports quoted the san francisco fire chief as saying that girl's injuries are consistent with being run over by a fire truck or other emergency vehicle. meanwhile, at today's press briefing ed lee praised the 225 first responders. he says hospital officials are crediting them with saving lives. >> with the injuries that they have notified us about that th
and they will give us more information. what is interesting the ntsb gave us a time line of the last seven seconds of the crash. the crew anyhow they were going too slow and low. there were a number of indication and tried to abort the landing, the landing gear hit the jetty. and we had a tail section that broke off and the video that continues to come in from amateur videos from cell phones and other ways and means and she a dramatic slamming down and bouncing of the jet. it is amazing that it stayed together. we get first responder stories and everything from two of those inflatable slides that you see on the seat back if you look at the security card. two of those inflated inside of the jet and they had to use an a x to free the people underthem. and exacto comboifs used to cut people out. and so these stories continue to come out. we'll hear about that in the next hour and half. we'll update the conditions. this investigation continues to go forward. they are getting a lot of information. that runway where the fuselage sits is still there. the planes a arriving are not normal. >> adam thank yo
trucks accidentally ran over one of the victims. >> reporter: that's right, gajx. the ntsb is attempting to answer all those questions as they try to figure out what happened here on saturday. that burned out plane is still here as authorities continue to gather evidence. tonight this is one of the many pieces of crash video the ntsb is releasing. some a bag slides being released prematurely. >> there have been interviews with flight attendants and witnesses that chutes deployed inside the aircraft. we need to understand what ìáhp &hc& >> reporter: one aspect of a massive and meticulous investigation. >> they're really looking at the pilot's flight and duty time. their rest opportunities and the activities that haveq+÷ taken pe in the days leading up to the crash. deborah hersman says even though the asiana crash investigation is all encompassing, a lot of attention will be paid to the four men piloting the plane. >> in our investigatjzym we're often looking for things that may affect human performance. like fatigue. like x&]Ñillnesses or medicatio. >> reporter: the ntsb is also ver
>>> this is kpix 5 news. >> fbi and ntsb investigators are going to extreme lengths to protect the privacy of the victims since saturday's crash. good afternoon, i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. we'll get to that in a minute. the ntsb is set to release new details this afternoon about who was operating asiana flight 214 and what led up to the crash. investigators have already started interviewing the three captains and first officer from the flight. among the big questions why the plane was going 40 miles per hour below the recommended speed as it approached the run way. investigators are also looking into the condition of the pilots and the 72 hours prior to the crash and any possible miscommunication with the control tower. >> we don't believe there is a communication issue at this point. we have convened the cockpit work order working group populated with english and korean speakers. they'll be working to develop a transcript of that tape. it's a two hour tape. they are probably going to focus on the approach and landing phase. all communications with air tra
. >> well, ntsb chair just wrapped up a news conference a short i'm time ago. >> national transportation safety board says that the crew has been cooperative and forth right in interviews. interview was the three captains are completed and the interview with first officer is being wrapped thup afternoon. whatever went wrong is not due to a lack of experience. nntsb chair says the pilot flying was experienced on other large craft but still learning on the boeing 777. the instructor pilot seated know. him was in command the inspector pilot stated he was a pilot in command. sitting in the right seat. this was the first time he and the flying pilot that he was instructing had flown together. >> the instructor told investigators they were not watching for the approach speed assuming auto tlol tlothels would maintain speed. >> between 500 feet and 200 feet they had a lateral deef skbraigs they were low. they were trying to correct at this point. >> saying there were three crew and it was their job to watch approach speed. >> the crew required to maintain a safe aircraft meaning they need to mo
the aircraft and think about all the other people who are coming behind you. >> reporter: the ntsb says because this is a foreign crew, there was no legal obligation to drug test them, and they were not drug tested after the fact. by the way, having 28 left closed has created problems here at sfo. they have delays running up to an hour or so. 70-plus cancellations today alone. brian, the ntsb says they may take another week or so to continue to look at this aircraft that's out on the runway. back to you. >> tom costello leading our coverage starting off tonight on this situation in san francisco. tom, thanks. >>> those three young women held for a decade in a house in cleveland, ohio have broken their silence, two months since they were freed. they have made public video statements in which they talk about their brand new lives and the support they've received since their release. our report tonight from our national correspondent kate snow. >> reporter: we've known them only vaguely. the thumbs up from gina dejesus. a single photo of amanda berry. she was a 16-year-old girl when she was taken
214. >> ntsb revealed there were three flight attendants ejected and the flight attendants were seated in the jump seat in the rear of the plane. >> investigators confirmed reports that the pilots delayed ordering an evacuation for some reason. investigators will look at the use of the flight systems and why so many commands were entered before impact. >> i just understand the pilot said what he wants in different modes. but there is a responsibility to monitor he's getting what he asked for. >> pilot who's were flying the plane told investigators he saw light moments before landing. >> ntsb reports pilot fatigue did not seem to be part of the reason. >> runway clearing will be beginning tonight. ntsb hoping to have that done within 24 hours, we're hearing about what went on in the cabin whit crashed including 911 calls from the plane and people grabbing their luggage before evacuated. mark, you saw some of the emotional flight attendants. >> well it was the briefest of the news conferences today at the international terminal. the walk up took longer than the event. six crew members in
. >> our flight was right there and transferred everybody out. >> the ntsb tome they are close to wrapping up their on screern work and getting ready to head back to headquarters to put it back together. >> when we are done the salvage operation will move the aircraft. the majority of it will stay locally but we do have parts of it we have already taken back and some parts we will continue to take back to dc. >> the runway was turned back over to sfo last night. the wreckage could be handed over tonight or tomorrow. this morning heavy equipment started moving in in preparation for that next phase of clean up and repair. but it is still unclear how long that phase will last. we know crews will need to lay down about 500 tons of asphalt but we also know damage assessments under the plane have yet to be made. but one passenger told us his thoughts aren't on delays or cancellations or inconvenience but on all the people on board flight 214. >> sitting in the window, i looked out the window and there it was so it seemed kind of surreal. >> reporter: so expect a lot of heavy equipment to move on
. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, the ntsb is learning more about what happened in the cockpit right before asiana flight 214 crashed. they interviewed the pilots and say there's no indication they declared an emergency and the airlines pilots association is now lashing out at the ntsb. they say the agency is fueling speculation the pilots were at fault before all the facts are known. bigad shaban has more on the investigation. >> reporter: federal investigators are focusing on the final seconds of asiana airline flight 214. the boeing 777 apparently came in too low and too slow during landing saturday and crashed at san francisco international airport. >> there were three pilots in the cockpit at the time of the crash. >> reporter: the pilot sitting in the left seat was still in training, and it was his first landing at san francisco in a 777. next to him sat his instructor, a senior pilot, who has logged more than 3,000 hours flying that type of plane. but it was his first flight as an instructor pilot. >> this was the first time that he and the flying
morning and thank you for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. today ntsb investigators will return to the crash scene. this morning families of the victims are on a plane from china headed to the bay area. marla tellez has new information on the two girls who died. christie smith is at san francisco general hospital which is treating the most victims this morning. >> we start things off with bob redell and the latest on that investigation. he's live right by that scene. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon and laura. the ntsb informed me they will be hold ag news conference later this morning at 11:30 to update us on the investigation of the crash of asiana flight 214 and perhaps release new details surrounding this horrible accident. the agency has examined the cockpit voice and flight data recorders and come up with a preliminary idea of what was happening in the cockpit during the final moments. when it was on final approach saturday morning, that boeing 777 was flying too low and moving too slow, well below 137 knots or about 158 miles per hour. that's
of questions remain about that crash. ntsb investigators right now focusing in on the low speed and the low approach. they're also sifting through what remains of the plane for any clues. they're also talking with all four pilots. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in burlingame with what we're learning new this morning. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. we spoke with debra hersman, the ntsb chair, saying they only got through interviewing two pilots because of a translation issue from korean to english. the idea is, perhaps this morning, they would interview the other two pilots, one of those pilots being the flying pilot, the pilot that was at the controls when asiana flight 214 crashed at sfo. the safety agency, ntsb, is supposed to be holding a news conference later this afternoon and the idea they impart on us some of the information they glean from these interviews. you might recall that the captain was in training, having never landed a 777 at sfo leading to questions of why didn't his copilot who was experienced in the aircraft take over, and if he did, why did
conclusions. n.t.s.b.'s investigations are very thorough. we will gather information and provide that information to the media as soon as possible. thank you all very much. >> chris: our continuing coverage of a crash at san francisco international airport today. there --. >> rick: there are were many injured but we don't have exact numbers. you you are watching continuing team coverage at crash at sfo that involved a boeing triple 7 that was on its way to san francisco, landing that originated in seoul, south korea. as you heard from the n.t.s.b. chairman, teams are on their way to san francisco, teams that are based both in los angeles and teams that are flying out from washington, d.c. they'll be there on the scene right now. we're just getting news from one of hospitals in the area. san francisco general hospital, there is a trauma center there. that is where a number of injured were taken. as of 2:00 p.m. local time, hospital there says it has received ten patients total, six females, four males all involved in the airline crash. eight adults, two children, they range from 2
san francisco. claudia? actually, right now we are going to go ahead and take the ntsb pre presser already in progress. let's listen in. it looks like right now they are preparing for that presser. we a we are going to get some new information right now as we said when we came in with the show. 130 people injured. and rick, you know, we were tacking about this earlier, by looking at the plane, the back of the plane gone, two people that you know, were killed. could it possibly be members of the crew who were in the back of the plane? we have not really heard anything new on that yet. two dead, dozens injured, many of them critical. >> that is right, it's a crash that took place around 11:30 this morning local time. the plane originated in south korea and was flying to san francisco. and it was on approach coming in when according to eyewitnesss. the plane was coming in a little low as it was approaching the runway, it clipped the runway and the tale of the plane broke off and then, you can see, it skidded quite a good distance, there's the tale, that is right where it made impact.
of the ntsb chairman and the investigator in charge examining the interior of the plane. they have the black boxes that are filled with crucial information about what happened on that flight and they are already on their way back to washington for analysis. this morning in korea, the ceo of asiana airlines held a news conference saying he does not believe the crash was caused by mechanical failure. though he refused to blame the pilots, all of whom he said were highly trained. >> very interesting. a slightly confusing press conference there. abc news has team coverage on this developing story. and start with cecilia vega in san francisco. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan and bianna. we know that there were 61 american citizens on board flight 214. we're learning more about the other passengers, 30 of them were children. investigators are saying this is nothing short of a crash landing. as for those who witnessed the whole thing, they say it's a miracle so many survived. the nightmare happened in the final seconds of a 10 1/2-hour flight from seoul, south korea, to san francisco.
. >> reporter: that's right. let's look at a close up view of this wrackage from ntsb's perspective. you can see the investigators looking at the area around it and there is this remarkable debris field. you are seeing parts of the seawall that the plane hit and parts of the plane all along runway 28l. here is the landing gear in the middle of the debris field. the pilot landing this 777 had 9700 hours flying other planes but was in training on this particular type of aircraft on this flight. he had only 43 hours in the cockpit of the 777 and landing this type of plane here at sfo for the first time. now the question is whether that played a role in the accident. new video taken from the termal at sfo shows the seconds after asiana airlines flight 214 came to rest in the dirt beside 28l as new details emerge about the pilot of that plane. he was training to pilot a boeing 777 and this was the first time he piloted this type of airplane in to land at sfo. >> the approach proceeds normally as they descend. there is no discussion of any aircraft anomalies or concerns. >> reporter: that data comes f
, if it was consistent with their process or procedures or if there was any deviations. >> reporter: ntsb investigators say the preliminary findings are that the engines were operating as they should have in the 1:20 seconds leading up to the crash. >> both engines were producing power at the time of impact. >> reporter: and they are trying to figure out why an exit slide seems to have malfunctioned. >> there have been interviews with flight attendants and witnesses that slides deployed inside of the aircraft. we need to understand why that happened. >> reporter: investigators confirmed once again that flight 214 was going 122 miles per hour at the time hit the seawall and run way instead of the recommended 157 miles per hour. at 6:00, we'll tell you about what investigators say about who is supposed to monitor speed. live near sfo. >>> ntsb investigators are looking at all images and angles of the crash landing of flight 214. i want to show you now a new animated simulation. this is based on witness accounts. it shows the 777 coming well short of the runway. it hits the sea wall, rips off the tail. an
share their story of heroism. amazing tale, too. good evening. ntsb wrapped up the first meeting with the cockpit crew. interview will continue tomorrow. and we are learning that the pilot and co-pilot did not communicate problems until seconds before the crash. board is looking at the pilot experience as part of the investigation. ntsb also revealed that as the plane approached sfo it was traveling 40 miles an hour slower than the target approach speed. the pilot of asian flight 214 was make the maiden voyage landing that type of plane at that airport. david with what happened in the critical 7 seconds when it all unravelled. >> new image of those fleeing passengers determined to get out alive after asian air liens flight 214 crashed as it came in for landing. you can see the emergency chute in flight. passengers sliding down them. racing to get away from the plane. family capturing the images stunned. at what they were seeing. >> they are running out. >> cloud of dark smoke growing some of the passengers can be seen running for their lives to the end of the runway. >> e
and arrived just before 2:00 this morning. >>> the ntsb will interview the remaining two pilots. two of the pilots were interviewed yesterday. investigators want to know why the plane was flying too slowly as it approached sfo. they are also looking into possible issues involving fatigue, illness and medication. the ceo arrives today and families of the crash victims arrived overnight. >>> the wreckage of asiana flight 214 is still out on the tarmac. appears to be blocked behind trucks and other barriers alongside run way 28 left. we have team coverage. cate caugurian is at sfo with new details about the investigation. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. we are expected to get those new details we're told at this afternoon's news conference. at this point we have more questions than answers. as far as the investigation goes, we know that they will be interviewing two more pilots again today. we know both u.s. and korean investigators sat with two pilots last night. why was asiana flight 214 approaching sfo at such a slow speed when it crashed? the plane was going nearly 40 miles per
. surviver ben levee tells me, this journey back to the tarmac was organized by ntsb. >> what was it like ben? >> not so much to see the plane. we're so far, we basically came to rest where most planes are landing. how much we missed the runway, which i think was pretty scary. >> reporter: he is most grateful for the opportunity to talk to other survivers about the ordeal at the sight, and afterwards back at the hotel. >> just talking to other passengers gives you a fuller picture of what may have happened. others that got off that had their babies on the carry on strapped on. >> reporter: 30 families plus passengers made the trip. some were emotional and cried. he says returning to the crash site was a form of closure. >> kind of parting with it maybe. >> saying goodbye to it? >> yeah. >> reporter: he says there has not been good communication with asiana airline officials. he tells me he hopes to have a re reunion with all the survivers eventually. amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> we've obtained 911 calls to the highway patrol from asiana passengers after evacuating the plane. one is wor
detail coming out of today's briefing is that the ntsb said as early as tonight, they could release that runway back to sfo. that is a step but a significant step in the direction of reopening that runway. we also heard some interesting details out of flight crew interviews, details that were both heroic and strange. >> reporter: a man said he saw something, a bright light, at around 500 feet. >> we need to understand exactly what that is, identify if there are any sources of light. >> reporter: the chairman says the pilot described the light as a temporary issue. the focus of the investigation is on why the plane was flying too low and too slow on approach. the pilots say a device called an autothrottle did not maintain a safe speed. >> if the cruise control allowed the car's speed to inkroo in-- increase to 55, 60, 75, the driver needs to intervene. >> reporter: we learned today that six of 12 flight attendants have been interviewed. six others remain hospitalized. and we learned the flight crew ordered the attendants to not issue an evacuation. >> he made an announcement for peo
. new photos released by the ntsb which shows the charred remains inside. debris from the runway was removed last night. but their is a photo of what was there before. tonight that triple 7 that crashed on saturday is said to be cut up and shipped out. the chairman is expected to head back to d.c. as well. but new information has prompted even more questions. nbc was there at that news briefing and is live in san francisco with the very latest. >> reporter: well, the ntsb chairman describes this investigation so far as just the tip of the iceberg. but we did learn new details today about when exactly the pilot called to abort the landing. three seconds before impact. that's when the ntsb says a pilot first called out to abort the landing and then again. >> there is a second call for a go around at 1.5 seconds prior to impact. and this call is made by a different crew member. >> reporter: and in those last seconds, passengers have recorded hearing a booming roar as the plane revved up. the question is, were pilots making the right command. flight data shows that the auto pilot and
and take the ntsb pre presser already in progress. let's listen in. it looks like right now they are preparing for that presser. we a we are going to get some new information right now as we said when we came in with the show. 130 people injured. and rick, you know, we were tacking about this earlier, by looking at the plane, the back of the plane gone, two people that you know, were killed. could it possibly be members of the crew who were in the back of the plane? we have not really heard anything new on that yet. two dead, dozens injured, many of them critical. >> that is right, it's a crash that took place around 11:30 this morning local time. the plane originated in south korea and was flying to san francisco. and it was on approach coming in when according to eyewitnesss. the plane was coming in a little low as it was approaching the runway, it clipped the runway and the tale of the plane broke off and then, you can see, it skidded quite a good distance, there's the tale, that is right where it made impact. the plane then continued to slide along the runway. finally co
rushed back to washington, already. they are in the ntsb lab there in d.c. and they are in good condition. 291 passengers, 16 crew, two dead. 182 injured, 52 hospitalized. we have learned tonight, eight of them in critical condition, including a child. here is where things stand right now. the investigation under way in washington, and we'll be turning to that shortly, as well. we are taking a look at the moment by moment, as this unfolded. here tonight, our team coverage from san francisco to washington, beginning with how this crisis unfolded. tonight, the aerial view of the boeing 777. the charred jumbo jet as it sits off the runway after crashing while coming in for landing at san francisco's airport. the fuselage, nothing but a giant burned-out crater now. most of the roof gone. the nightmare began to unfold in the final seconds of asiana airlines flight 214 as it approached that runway. it was before noon, 11:27 pacific time saturday, when that flight and the pilots were on their final approach. witnesses telling us it hit the ground with tremendous force. the tail hitting first, ju
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